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KadKlad Mold Hardener

Extends mold life---Cures to a hard film that protects the mold surface. This keeps the Mold in production longer.

Easy to apply---No special tools or procedures needed. Flows and levels quickly with a cotton cloth.

Has a forgiving work time---Kadklad has a broad range of buff time, working around you instead of you working around it. You can achieve the same results in one minute or five, all with the same ease.

Gives new life to old molds---Extremely worn molds achieve a new life thanks to the hardness of Kadklad Mold Hardener. It cures hard with a gloss finish.

Allows new molds to run in production hassle free---Green molds tend to have a break in time before you get that seasoned effect. Kadklad Mold Hardener spares you that break –in time.

We offer technical assistance to ensure your special needs are met.---All operations are not the same, all molds are not the same. We realize this and will work with you to achieve the best possible results.


Application Instructions

Surface Preparation:
The mold should be free of dirt, wax, oil, or any other foreign material. We recommend using 3M Finesse-it Part No -05928 mild grit compound to cut any previous releases, or wax coatings from the manufacturer off. Then use Kadko AllKleen after compounding to remove all contaminants from surface.

Apply a liberal amount of material to applicator cloth to create a nice wet film. Coat an area of convenient size (2-3 sq. ft.) and let stand approximately 3-5 min. Buff to high gloss using a soft, clean, dry, natural white, 100% cotton cloth. When starting a new area, reapply more sealer to the applicator cloth and overlap slightly as each new section is done. Continue in this fashion until the entire surface is covered. Two coats will ensure that any areas inadvertently missed the first time are coated with sealer. Allow a minimum of 10 minutes between coatings. If used on a green or unseasoned mold add one additional coating until you get a seasoned effect to your mold. Release agents can be applied immediately after last application of sealer.

Application Tips:

• Use only all natural un-dyed 100% cotton cloths to prevent leaching of colors onto mold surface.

• If release is left too long in place before buffing and staining appears, rewet surface with sealer, wait 2-5 minutes, and buff.

• This is a room temperature curing system; this material should not be applied hot molds.

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